August 10 is Lazy Day

Unfortunately, most people are busy with work, school, errands and chores and have little time to be lazy. Fortunately, Aug. 10 is Lazy Day, a day set aside to forego all work and just lay about and do very little aside from watching television, reading a good book, going to the park, ordering food delivery or any other lazy activity, all while wearing comfortable clothes.  

While many see laziness as a shortcoming and something to avoid, there are benefits to being lazy.

Lazy people tend to be well rested which contributes to better memory and attention span and a better ability to cope with stress and set long-term goals. Lazy people also tend be more focused and efficient so they can get their work done faster and get back to being lazy, according to  

Lazy Day, an unofficial, popular day with unknown origins, allows people to do nothing without feeling guilty, since it is a day specifically set aside for relaxation and laziness, so take Aug. 10, be a slacker and enjoy.

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