Solid Waste Management

  • New Yard Waste Program

    A new curbside yard waste collection program begins October 1. Yard waste will be collected separately from trash and recycling. Yard waste must placed in biodegradable paper bags or containers labeled "Yard Waste". Do not use plastic bags for yard waste collection. Contact your trash and recycling hauler for yard waste collection day.

  • Compost at Home

    Any time is a great time to start a backyard home-composting. Composting yard waste, such as leaves and grass, creates a rich soil amendment that provides valuable nutrients for your yard. It also saves valuable space at the landfill. Learn how to get your own composting bin.

  • Electronics Recycling

    Prince William County residents are urged to properly dispose of or recycle electronics at the County landfill. Residents are limited to three units for disposal per visit. There is no charge to County residents for this service. Learn more about what residents can bring and when, and alternative sites available for businesses.

  • A-Z Disposal Guide

    ​Not sure where to dispose of your used antifreeze, or yard waste? Find out how to dispose of your item by searching our A-Z list.
    The information provided focuses on Prince William County residents versus businesses, unless otherwise indicated.

  • Recycling in Prince William

    Recycling is good for the economy, creates jobs, saves energy, reduces water and air pollution, & conserves landfill space. It is easy & something we can all do every day! Recycling is mandatory for residents and businesses in Prince William County. Currently, the County recycles almost 35 percent of our waste. Learn more about how you can help, what can be recycled, & options for pick up & drop off.

What Can Residents Bring to the County Landfill?

Prince William County’s landfill is a full-service trash disposal area which includes recycling services, a place to drop-off used motor oil, anti-freeze, oil filters, lead-acid automotive and household batteries, yard waste, scrap metal and more. Learn more about what the landfill accepts and drop-off times.
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See how Prince William Leaves Plastic Bags Behind

New curbside yard waste collection program begins October 1 in Prince William County. Yard waste will be collected separately from trash and recycling. Yard waste must be placed in biodegradable paper bags or containers labeled “Yard Waste”. Watch this instructional video - Also, contact your trash and recycling service provider for pick up day.
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Get a Residential Landfill Decal

Learn how Prince William County residents can apply for a decal to provide quicker entry when using the County landfill, Balls Ford Road Compost Facility, the Saturday collection sites or the special services at these sites. This decal is not available for commercial users or residents in the towns or cities. Town residents (Dumfries, Occoquan, Haymarket and Quantico) and City residents (Manassas and Manassas Park) pay $5 per visit for up to 200 pounds of refuse.
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Glass and Other Materials

Learn how to you can recycle batteries, cellphones and rechargeable batteries, electronics, flags, freon and automotive fluids, glass bottles and jars, plastic bags and plastic films, and scrap metal.
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American Public Works Association

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Virginia Environmental Excellence Program E4

Our VEEP E4 Certificate

Virginia Environmental Excellence Program

Learn more about Virginia Excellence Program
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