Emergency Shelters

Hypothermia Services Prince William Area CoC- (PWA CoC)

Hypothermia Season: November 1, 2021 – March 31, 2022

Clients Served: Single homeless clients linked to Prince William County services should reach out to their individual worker for a referral for hypothermia services.  Clients who are homeless and presently not linked to services, please contact coordinated entry system, Monday-Friday, 8:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.  

Families in need of hypothermia services: Families with minor children should call Coordinated Entry System, 703-792-3366, Monday – Friday, 8:30 a.m. – 5:30 p.m.

When are hypothermia services be enacted: When temperatures will be 32 degrees or below including the wind chill factor.

Hypothermia Services Provided by:

  • East (Streetlight Ministries) serves up to 28 single adults
  • West (Manassas Baptist Church) serves up to 28 single adults

HILDA BARG Homeless Prevention Center

This 30-bed year-round shelter for families and single adults.  The program offers comprehensive services including case management, job readiness, mental health counseling and medical referrals.

The Homeless Prevention Center is located at 14945 Jefferson Davis Highway (Route 1), between Dale Blvd. and Opitz Blvd. in Woodbridge.
For more information call (703) 792-8810 (TTY: 711).  To be referred for services, please contact the CES Hotline at (703) 792-3366 (TTY: 711). The program is operated by the Department of Social Services.

The Ferlazzo Emergency Shelter (FES)

This program a 48-bed year-round facility that servers single adults only operated by the Department of Social Services.  All referrals to the shelter are made through the Prince William County Coordinated Entry System (CES); potential residents can inquire about a bed at the shelter by contacting CES at (703) 792-3366 (TTY: 711). When residents first arrive at the shelter, they complete an intake with our program staff and are assigned a caseworker to help them navigate the system. Caseworkers spend time with residents to help them better understand their situations and help them identify goals, apply for identification documents and help them access programs that can assist them.

Beverly Warren Emergency Shelter

This emergency shelter program is an 18-bed shelter for individuals, females and families. The program is operated by Action in Community Through Services (ACTS) in Dumfries, VA. Housing-focused case management is provided to all program participants with the key of focus of identifying next step permanent housing. To gather more information about services, please contact ACTS at (703) 221-3186. (TTY: 711)  Contac the CES Hotline at (703) 792-3366 (TTY: 711) to be assessed and referred to the program.

SERVE Shelter in Manassas

The SERVER shelter is a 90-bed emergency shelter that serves families and single adults in need of accessing shelter.  The program located in Manassas, VA and is operated by Northern Virginia Family Services (NVFS). Similar to other emergency shelter, the program provides housing focused case management to households with the goal of housing persons as quickly as possible.  To obtain additional information about the shelter, please call NVFS at (571) 748-2603 (TTY: 711). To be referred to the program, contact the CES Hotline at (703) 792-3366 (TTY: 711) 

Supportive Shelter

The Supportive Shelter is operated by StreetLight Community Outreach Ministries and is located in Woodbridge, VA. The program is an eight (8) bed shelter designed to meet the needs of persons with medical challenges or other disabilities. The smaller program designed to provide a shelter services to first meet resident's immediate needs with concentrated focus on housing. To be referred to the program, contact the CES Hotline at (703) 792-3366 (TTY: 711).