Dale City Farmers Market




Walk-through Market is Open on Sundays

The market is currently open on Sundays from 10am-1pm. Please, follow important social distancing guidelines. Visit the market website at www.dalecitymarket.org for updates.

Health & Safety Rules

What You Can Expect from Us

  • Anyone who is sick or been exposed to the virus will stay home. ​
  • We will be wearing masks and gloves, sanitizing surfaces and electronics frequently. ​​
  • There will be directional signs with dedicated entry/exit points.

What We Ask of You

  • Do not attend the market if you are sick or have been exposed to the virus. ​
  • Please wear your face mask while visiting the market.
  • Enter and leave the market ONLY at the designated entry/exit point.
  • Be prepared to wait in line to enter.
  • Do not enter or leave the market at any other point​.
  • Reusable bags cannot be used at this time. ​
  • Please be patient and kind to one another – we are all in this together!

Since 1987, Dale City Farmers Market, run by the Prince William County Department of Parks & Recreation, has been at the forefront of serving Prince William County residents. With nearly the 50 vendors in the Summer and 20+ in the Winter, we are one of the largest open-air markets in the region.

Our market is a producer-only market, meaning all products must be grown or made by the seller. This is great news for both our buyers and our sellers as consumers have access to produce, meats, plants and other goods locally-grown or create.