Neighborhood Services

  • Read the Latest Issue of Neighborhood News

    Last Dumpster Day of 2021 in September, Leisure Mag, Occoquan River Cleanup on 9/11, and learn more about how the Neighborhood Services Division’s work in our community is making a difference.

  • Helpful Links for Homeowner & Condo Associations

    The Boards of Directors for common interest communities need to know a large amount of information regarding Homeowner Associations (HOAs) and Condos. Neighborhood Services offers resources that may be useful regarding HOA and COA management.

  • Property Code Enforcement

    Neighborhood Services helps residents understand, abide by, and raise concerns about compliance with property codes. Learn how residents or businesses with concerns about zoning compliance, building maintenance, spot blight, illegal signs, graffiti, or seriously neglected lawns or properties can report these issues.

Report Unsafe Living Conditions

Knowing the conditions that experts deem as unsafe in a residence can save lives and protects neighborhoods. Reporting unsafe living conditions to Property Code Enforcement when you see it can only help to improve or abate the situation. Everyone wins!
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That Junk Car in the Neighborhood

Junk cars and inoperative vehicles are an eyesore and a safety concern for neighborhoods! They also violate the zoning ordinance! Commercial vehicles, RVs and boat trailers can be parked on the street but only in areas approved for such parking.
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