Development Services

  • Agency Overview


    The Department of Development Services supports public safety, revitalization, infrastructure improvements, and the protection of natural resources. The Department is responsible for ensuring compliance with the Virginia Uniform Statewide Building Code by reviewing commercial and residential construction plans, issuing permits, inspecting structures, and enforcing building code requirements. The Department also manages the site and subdivision plan review and permit issuance process, administers the posting and releasing of bonds and escrows, and issues zoning permits.

    5 County Complex Ct, Suite 120
    Prince William, VA 22192
    (703) 792-6930 (TTY: 711)
    Mon – Fri 8am – 4pm
  • ePortal

    ePortal is Prince William County’s Development Services’ online customer access point to permits, inspections, plans, requests, code enforcement and more.

  • Temporary Outdoor Seating

    By the Governor’s Phase One Executive Order 61, Prince William County has Temporary Activity Permit (TAP) for Outdoor Seating and Heating Guidelines in place to help restaurants, cafés, dining and craft beverage establishments provide outdoor services to citizens and visitors.

  • Do I Need a Permit?

    Use this quick guide to find out if you need a permit for a residential project. Residential projects are one-family and two-family dwellings and townhouses.

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Early Assistance Desk

The Early Assistance Desk (EAD) is the central point of contact for all community development customers. The EAD routes customers to the appropriate community development agency in a timely, organized, and efficient manner.
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Schedule an Inspection

At various stages during construction, inspections must be performed by County staff to ensure the work has been done according to approved plans and building code requirements. Learn more about how to schedule an inspection.
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Validate an Address

Address Validation by the GIS Office is required on all commercial properties including alteration/repairs when applying for a permit. The two types of address validations are for all commercial properties, and address validations for freestanding signs. GIS will validate any address for a property owner, business or developer free of charge.
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